About us:

Lunniaya it’s a combined word inspired in the moon (Mayan-Moon, Luna Maya) it’s more than an e-shop or just a business. It is history, legacy, hard work, passion and opportunity. 

Making wearable art and hand made accessories is in our hearts and blood. It started in Mexico around 1970 with my grandmother. She worked at a cutting and sewing workshop so she could provide a better life for her family, and after some time, she started her own shop. My mother learned how to knit and also the art of macramé; with the years she discovered that I had skills and passion for arts & crafts and made sure to let me go wild and express myself through it.

We love to create artisanal hand made accessories and fashion that echoes and represents our roots. But also, we have a deep love for fashion and create jewelry.

We are working to create a community that embrace neurodiversity, we love the idea of a better world to live spreading kindness.