Magazine Interviews


I am beyond grateful to @subkit for the opportunity to talk about what I love to do. I want to thank my family, hubs and mom (you guys rock) and every one of the people who have been by my side encouraging me to continue, this means a lot to me, because thanks to you guys, I am seeing my dreams materialize little by little and nothing would be possible without your support. This motivates me to keep creating colorful art and continue to be a voice in favor of the neurodiverse community, keep advocating as a mother and as a Latina woman, and also to continue raising awareness about the importance of mental health and acceptance of the beauty that exists in our different abilities, personalities, and ways of seeing and interacting with the world. Thank you again to every single person that buys, shares and takes the time to give me some advice or positive input about how to become a better person and grow my business. You are the best! Xo 😘  Cynthia.

Canvas Rebel Magazine:

Thanks to @canvasrebel for the opportunity to share the story behind my business, for allowing me to share what keeps me pushing forward and who I am you can read the whole article here: